Policies and Internal Codes

Policy of Sustainability

The Coruripe Plant in sugarcane planting and harvesting, sugar production, ethanol, energy and by-products guarantees high quality standards, acting with socio-environmental responsibility, work safety, food safety and occupational health. In addition, it has as commitments:

Promote continuous improvement and sustainable development, enabling resources for all employees to work with prevention of environmental impacts, meeting and satisfying the expectations of their clients and exercising citizenship.

Encourage that every Collaborator works to ensure products within the levels of quality, food safety and productivity required.

Encourage the Leader to guide his team with a focus to contribute to the search of the planned results, ensuring compliance with the established legislation, norms and standards.

To satisfy the expectations of its customers, shareholders and society, through constant growth, competitiveness and profitability, with continuous revision of its objectives and goals, as long as technically and economically feasible.

To prevent adverse socio-economic impacts, as well as pollution, injuries and diseases

Work with suppliers, service providers and outsourcers to practice sustainable development, meet current standards and laws and comply with the company’s requirements regarding nature and safe working conditions.

Keep an effective, responsible and open communication channel with its employees, customers and partners.


Policy of Safety

At Usina Coruripe, the Human Being is a value more important than the goals and objectives of the company. Nothing can override the integrity of our employees and no emergency or production situation can serve as an argument to act without security.

The company has the responsibility to enable the resources so that all tasks are carried out safely. It is up to all of us to comply with legal rules and internal rules to preserve people’s lives and the work environment.

It’s the Leader’s the responsibility of the safety of the people who work in your area. It is he who must always promote the safe behavior, within the established standards and rules, besides encouraging the participation of all to eliminate potential risks.

The Work Safety Team will always act as support in the preventive guidelines to the employees and mainly as technical support to the leaders.

Each Contributor has the responsibility of always acting prioritizing their safety, that of colleagues and other people who are in their work environment.

The Suppliers, Service Providers and Third Parties must comply fully with safety standards and ensure that their work is carried out under fully safe conditions.

The Continuous Search by the accident free environment must be an attitude of all the people who work in the Company, regardless of the position and function they occupy. In addition, safe behavior must be incorporated as a constant in one’s life, wherever one is.


Policy of Risks

This policy defines a set of principles of market risk management that must be followed by the Coruripe Plant. These principles were established to demonstrate and discipline analyzes and processes dedicated to assessing and responding to economic and market pricing scenarios that could significantly influence the Coruripe Usage objectives.

Objectives of market risk management: Protect the operating cash flow, seeking to reach the values set by the annual budget. Meet the minimum cash level, equivalent to the sum of the operating expenses and financial expenses of the next 3 months, present in the company’s cash flow projection. Minimize the possibility of noncompliance with financial covenants.

Meeting these objectives seeks to: Protect the financial condition of the company to ensure permanent access to the credit and capital market, and consequently to sources of financing for its growth. Maintain a high predictability of your cash flow, allowing a stable payment of dividends.

Policy of


Code of
Ethics and Conduct