Company history

94 Years of Productivity

The Usina Coruripe has gone from being a small mill to one of the top ten sugar and ethanol producers in Brazil, possessing great tradition and credibility in this market.


The Usina Coruripe was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, on February 12, 1925, after the union of several mills, which already expressed at that time the sugarcane vocation of the municipality of Coruripe, 120 kilometers from Maceió, Alagoas.


In January 1941, entrepreneur Tércio Wanderley acquired shareholding control of the company. Years of hard work and dedication have transformed the small mill into one of Brazil’s largest sugar, ethanol and energy producing groups.


Extension of the borders to Minas Gerais, from the acquisition of the Alexandre Balbo Distillery, in the municipality of Iturama, in the region of the Triângulo Mineiro.


Opening of the Fernandópolis railway terminal with storage capacity of 45 thousand tons of sugar.


Creation Coruripe Energética, a cogeneration unit of electric energy, in the Iturama Unit, to take advantage of the large quantity of sugarcane bagasse produced in its mills.


Continuing the expansion process, in 2002 the Campo Florido Unit was inaugurated, in the Municipality of Campo Florido, also in the Triângulo Mineiro.


Usina Coruripe acquires ISOS 9001/14001 and OHSAS 18001. It also carries out the implantation of the sugar factory in Campo Florido.


Inauguration of the Limeira do Oeste Unit, strategically distant 50 kilometers from the Iturama Unit, allowing the practice of a single management model.


Inauguration of a Coruripe Energética branch in the Campo Florido Unit, expanding the operationalization and commercialization of electric energy.


The Carneirinho Unit was inaugurated in 2008, 70 kilometers from the Iturama Unit, as Usina Carneirinho and incorporated to the Coruripe Plant in 2012.


The Usina Coruripe, aiming at further expansion, realizes the increase of its own sugarcane and investments.


Adoption of the professional management model, composed of a Board of Directors, formed by the owners, and a board of directors composed of a President, and the Commercial, Financial, Administration / HR, Legal and Production directors, as well as executive management of suppliers.


The Usina Coruripe use its total installed capacity.


First capital markets transaction (R$ 202mm in CRAs).


The Campo Florido Unit had its installed capacity increased from 3.8 Million tons to 4.3 Million tons.